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Do you want to stop going through the various weight loss methods that promise you quick results but leave you feeling disappointed?
You no longer need to look for any more ways to achieve healthy weight loss because Puravive has made it possible for you to do so.
With their unique combination of 8 potent tropical nutrients and plants, the researchers of Puravive have confirmed that their plant is a natural and pure solution to the problem.
Puravive is the one for you who is interested to follow the way of natural weight loss. Don't delay any more, start using Puravive today and you will be able to benefit from the amazing features for yourself.

Why Choose Puravive?

Puravive-MADE in usa
Made in USA

Our all natural supplement is entirely 100% USA made.  

100% Natural

We are thrilled to be able to provide you with Puravive, which is made of all-natural, non-GMO and gluten-free ingredients.

FDA Approved

Puravive is made in a facility that is FDA-approved and obeys all the FDA regulations.  

GMP Certified

This item has been authorized under the Good Manufacturing Practice standards.

Puravive - Customer Reviews


Verified Purchase ✅

I can't believe it!Sate after using Puravive for not more than a few months, I have lost a huge 34 lbs and the results are just unbelievable. Besides, I look excellent and I also feel great. My confidence has just soared and now I am beaming every time I look at myself in the mirror. The best thing is that I can now squeeze into the same jeans that I used to wear when I was 15 years old. It's a vivid memory of my youth and a journey back in time.


Verified Purchase ✅

After trying so many things for years to no success, in the end I stumbled upon something that actually works for me- Puravive!I had experimented with all the diets and plans before none of them worked and I didn't lose any weight. However, I then came across Puravive and that was the moment when my life took a different course. So far, I have already lost a whopping 28 pounds in only a few days. Besides that, I am going back to eat normally and not depriving myself to the point of starving like I used to. 


Verified Purchase ✅

Ever since I began taking Puravive every day, my belly has vanished amazingly. It feels so magical, it's like a metamorphosis!It is almost unthinkable that such a simple supplement could work so successfully. But it has!I have now slimmed down three dress sizes and I could not be more delighted with my new body. Puravive has just made my life totally different, and I am so thankful for this amazing product.

What Is Puravive?

What is Puravive

Puravive, the weight loss supplement that is setting the trend, is the revolutionary game changer!Unlike the other supplements on the market, Puravive goes another way in the weight loss and management.
It focuses on the manufacturing and keeping the brown fat in the body, which is a better choice than the white fat that causes obesity.
The ingredients of Puravive are carefully picked from nature, and the resulting formula is crafted with great care.
This method not only cuts the tough fat layers but also uses the energy from them to serve different body activities. Gone are the extra pounds and in their places the healthier you with Puravive! 

How Does Puravive Works?

The efficacy of Puravive weight loss supplement depends on the unique qualities of its ingredients. At first, the formula results in a complete cleansing of the body by getting rid of impurities such as toxins, heavy metals, and chemicals.

The detoxification process activates the emission of powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances which fight against the free radicals, increase the blood circulation and the reduction of the inflammation and oxidative damage within the blood vessels.

The body is cleansed, thus, Puravive turns brown adipose tissue into an active component which helps to burn fat and boosts the burning process. Besides, Puravive invigorates the body with vital vitamins and nutrients, and, consequently, it is responsible for the boosted metabolic rate and the improved digestive system of the person.

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Puravive Ingredients

Puravive contains lots of good stuff like vitamins, minerals, and herbs that can help you manage your weight. It's like having a special blend that makes you feel better and healthier as you work towards your weight goals!



Among the classes of isoflavones found in kudzu are puerarin and daidzein, which appear to help people eat less. Study of 12-week’s duration found that Kudzu extract in the form of supplements reduced weight of overweight people by 3%.2 percent drop of BMI and 4 percent decline. 8% reduction in waist circumference compared to the control group, which did not take the tested supplement.


The substance is inversely related to the brain health and cholesterol is also harmful when the substance comes in, so the substance works for brain health and healthy cholesterol.



The limits extracurricular activities create less stress and boost brain power.


The dehydrating wheat it promotes healthy immunity and cuts down on oxidative stress.



Over 300 antioxidants, the nut is good for the healthy blood sugar.

Bestows the artery with its properly functioning and healthy cholesterol. 

Benefits of Using Puravive

  • Increased Calorie Burning: The Brown adipose tissue that has been proven by Puravive's clinically proven ingredients in the meticulous selection of the ingredients, is able to increase the overall metabolism, in the process, a significant number of calories being burned.
  • Supports Brain Health: With the combination of the ingredients like luteolin, Puravive promotes the brain health. Stimulating the brain makes people to be concentrated and to get rid of their weight and also to fight the weight gain.
  • Supports Healthy Cholesterol Levels: Some of the components of Puravive such as perilla frutescens have been proven to be able to lower the levels of cholesterol thus the cardiovascular is improved.
  • Boosts Immunity: The ingredients of Puravive are famous for their immunity-enhancing properties, thus, they are the best for making you healthy and a source of sustained energy.
  • Reduces Stress and Supports Healthy Blood Pressure Levels: Puravive has been shown to cut the stress levels down, which is creating a calm and a sense of well-being. It is also an active factor in maintaining normal blood pressure levels, thus, contributing to the cardiovascular system.
  • Eases Digestion and Bloating: Through a relaxing function on the digestive system, Puravive gives relief from bloating and discomfort and at the same time promotes the arterial health.
  • Supports Healthy Blood Sugar: The pills which are taken daily are very easy to take in and have the most essential nutrients that regulate the blood sugar levels, thus making the body to burn calories all day and keep the energy stable.
  • Rejuvenates Aging Cells: Puravive is the one which is discovered to possess the properties of rejuvenating aging cells, thus resulting in a more youthful look. 

 180-Day Money Back Guarantee


As a brand, we are behind the reliability and superior quality of our puravive supplement. This is the reason why we provide a full amount of money back within 180 days of the satisfaction guarantee.

If you never get shocked by how fast your tough stubborn fat stores disappear. therefore, you vanish into pure energy or get shocked as you look at your new melt. it may take you directly to pure energy or you may be shocked by the new toned slim body you will see in the mirror, then at any time in the next 180 days let us know and we will refund every single penny of your investment. No questions asked.
We are aiming for our customers to be sure of their choice to opt for Puravive and know that they are going to be satisfied since our company is concentrating on their satisfaction.  

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Puravive Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What is the frequency of taking Puravive in a day?

With the consumption of only one tablet of Puravive that contains every day and having a big glass of cold water, you will be able to begin the fat burning process in your body. This innovative formula is a made up of a unique combination of natural ingredients selected to maximize the results.
Puravive is unique in its capacity to function even while you are asleep. The powerful combination of ingredients all goes into dissolving the fat and making you healthier, slimmer and looking much better. Puravive can be used as a simple and efficient way to help you in your weight loss goals if you are willing to include it into your daily schedule.

Q. Do I, as a person, qualify for Puravive?

Do you have a problem with unbearable fat that you cannot get rid of, even after you have been eating and exercising so hard?Don't you dare look any further, because Puravive is the very thing you have been looking for. This groundbreaking invention has changed the lives of all people regardless of their gender and age which is from 18 to 80.
Puravive is being made for the purpose of the deep fat stores and to make them to be rapidly dissolved in the most difficult cases. Through Puravive, you can at last achieve the body you want and bid farewell to the stubborn fat that you have been struggling with. No more, don't let the excess of the weight prevent you from living a life you want to live, try Puravive and experience the life-changing results for yourself.

Q. Is Puravive safe?

Puravive is a natural software that is, for the reputation, exclusively and proudly produced in the USA. Our facility is registered and GMP certified by the FDA, therefore the production process is done according to the strictest quality and safety standards. Newly designed, cutting-edge, and precise machines are used to make this super product. We are proud of the fact that our formula is made from all plant-based ingredients and therefore, it is safe for people who are allergic to soy and dairy.
Besides, Puravive has a strong dedication to non-GMO ingredients which makes it a pure and potent supplement. In addition to the quality assurance of the company, every batch is examined by a third party and undergoes strict quality control procedures to make sure that it is worth the money. Although Puravive is a safe and efficient formula, it is still advisable to ask your doctor before adding it to your routine, for a doctor's advice is suitable for your health needs.

Q. How can the optimal way to take Puravive be described?

Puravive is a new dietary supplement which gives you an easy and successful tool to help you lose weight. Through the consumption of just one capsule of Puravive each day, along with a big glass of cold water, you will be able to feel the results of its innovative mix of natural ingredients. This exclusive mixture has been charted out in a way to help in dissolving the fat in the body.  

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