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Your privacy is highly respected by us. Our goal is to ensure that you will enjoy and benefit from Internet all the way and feel completely comfortable in using all its information, tools and opportunities.

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We have put this Privacy Policy in place to show our strong support to privacy and security. The Privacy Policy presented here, describes how our company collects information from all end users of the Internet services (the “Services”), there are those who browse some of our services but do not have an account (“Visitors”) and also those who may buy products or pay a monthly subscription fee to access the services (“Members”). Described is what we do with the information collected and the options available to Visitors and Members as to the Please, read the Privacy Policy attentively.

Personal Data We Collect and Why We Do This.

Introduction: Our company obtains information in various methods from Visitors and Members that access our Services and its network of websites reachable through our Service. This is the information which we use for making experience of our Product unique and normally it is not shared with third parties. However, we may disclose the personal information we collected if you have given us your permission in advance or in very special circumstances, for example, when we believe that such disclosure is demanded by law or situations described elsewhere in this Policy.

Registration: By joining one of our products or services, members might be asked to give some personal information such as name, address, telephone number, billing information (like credit card number), and the kind of the computer used to get the services. When Members sign up, their personal information is used to maintain their accounts (for billing purposes for example). This data is not provided to third parties, unless it is explicitly stated in the Privacy Policy or special circumstances.

Nonetheless, when our company and a partner happen to be co-promoting our services, we may share certain personal information, such as the name, address and username of the persons who subscribed to the services as a result of a joint promotion approach for the sole purpose of allowing us and our partner to assess the promotion results.

The partner shall not use personal information for other purposes than specified in this case. Moreover, we might prepare non-identifying and aggregate profiles from the personal data that Members offer during registration (e. g. the number of members, but not their names). The further explanation of this above will help us to sell the advertisements that appear on the Services.

Our Company Partners and Sponsors: Such products and services could be made available by means of cooperating with affiliate, independent contractor seller or non-affiliated partner. To offer some products and services to Visitors and Members, the partner may need to collect and store personal data. In the course of these operations, the system will notify you before the data is collected and you may choose not to use that particular service or the function.

We should also make a note that our partners can have advertisements or co-branded Web Pages that are cosponsored by an affiliate, independent contractor seller, or non-affiliated partner. However, we will keep non-identifying and aggregate data (except in accordance with this statement) with such partners to administer co-branded products and services.

Online Shopping: At some Web sites, you can buy products and services or register to get materials like newsletter, catalog or new products and service updates. Most of the time, you may be required to provide contact details, for example, your name, address, email, phone number, and card details (credit/debit).

If you send an online gift order directly to the recipient, the recipients’ details, such as name, address, and phone number, may be required. In case of placing third party order our company has no control over the way they are using your personal information. Please be careful when doing this.

If you place an order for services or products with our company, we will use the personal information provided by you only for processing your order. We do not tell this information to the outsiders except for that purpose.

Online Advertisements: Our company can use its online ads. In those particular instances we convey aggregated and non-identifying information that was acquired through registration process and online surveys and promotions to those advertisers.

Moreover, at other times we use this aggregated, anonymous information to provide the owners of websites for particular advertisements or joint ventures. For example, an advertiser or business partnership gives us both the audience that they want to reach and an advertisement personalized for the audience. Based on the collected and non-personalized data, we might show or send the adverts to the intended audience. Our company does not sell or trade any personal data about its Visitors or Members to these advertisers or joint venture companies.

Responses to Email Inquiries: When Visitors or Members send email inquiries to our company, the return email address is used to reply to the email inquires we receive. Neither our company uses a return email address for any other purpose nor do we share the return email address with anyone else.

Voluntary Customer Surveys: We may from time to time conduct both business and individual consumer surveys. We are always grateful for the customers who take the time to participate in these surveys as the feedback they provide us with helps us to advance in the types of products and services we offer and how we deliver them to you. Your personal information and answers are strictly confidential, even if the survey is conducted through a third party. The participation in our customer surveys is voluntary.

We may pool customers' responses in our Customer Surveys with those from other customers that we have to create more generic answers to the survey questions (for example, gender, age, residence, hobbies, education, occupation, industry sector, or other demographic information). The collected data is then applied to provide more quality services and to develop new products and services. This accumulated, anonymous and generalized data may be shared with third parties.

Promotions: Our organization can have polls, contests, sweepstakes, drawings, games, contents, or any other promotions being sponsored or branded by third parties. Some cases could lead to the disclosure of personally identifiable information of the winner to third parties by the company. We have no control on how the third parties use this information.

You may be automatically entered in a lottery, contest or promotion just by buying anything from our shop or by providing us with personal information for any other purpose. Among the winning entries, the only names and personally identifiable information that are revealed to the entity which is in charge of the sweepstakes or contest are those of the winners in order to notify them.

Special Cases: It's our policy at our company to not use or share personal information about Visitors or Members in ways unrelated to the ways described above without first giving you an opportunity to opt out or otherwise prohibit such unrelated use.

However, we may disclose personal information about Visitors or Members, or information regarding your use of the Services or Web sites accessible through our Services, for any reason if, in our sole discretion, we believe that it is reasonable to do so, including: credit bureaus, collection agencies, merchant database service providers, legal entities, or to satisfy the laws such as the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, the Child Online Privacy Act, regulations, or governmental or legal requests for this information; to disclose such information that is necessary to identify, contact, or to bring legal action against someone who might be violating our Acceptable Use Policy or Terms Of Service, or other user policies; to operate

Notice of Compliance to California Residents – Your California Privacy Rights Under The California Online Privacy Protection Act and the California Business and Professions Code

This privacy policy specifies the categories of personally identifiable data our company collects through its website or online services; about individual consumers who visit or use our company’s business site or online services and those categories of third parties with which we may share that personally identifiable data.

Our company has no procedure by which an individual consumer who has used or visited our commercial Web site or online service is enabled to review and request modifications to his or her personally identifiable information which have been collected through our Web site or online service.

Please read the section below labeled “Revisions to This Policy” for a description of the process by which we notify consumers who use or visit our commercial Web site or online service of material changes to our company’s privacy policy for this Web site or online service.

The effective date of this privacy policy is stated under the heading, “Last updated”, at the end of this privacy policy.

The information that can be recognized as “personally identifiable information” may be collected apart from the information which is discussed in other sections of this document depending on the visitor’s activity either on our commercial web site or online service.

A first and last name. A home or physical address, including the name of the street name and city or town. An e-mail address. A telephone number. A social security number. Whatever identifier leads to a person’s physical contact or online engagement. The information the user provides to the Web site or online service in combination with personally identifiable information the site or service maintains online. According to California’s SB 27, California residents are entitled to obtain, once per year, information on any third parties with whom we have shared information about you or your family member over the past year for marketing purposes provided they have such information, and a description of the categories of personal information that has been shared. To make such a request please send us an email and in the subject line include the phrase “California Privacy Request”, the domain name of the website you are asking about, your name, address and email address. We will process your request within thirty days following the receipt of your request.

“Cookies”, and What We Do With Them. A “cookie” is a small data file that can be installed on your hard drive when you visit certain Web sites. The company we represent could utilize cookies to store, collect, and sometimes track information for statistical purposes to improve the products and services we offer and to manage the network infrastructure.

If you are a Visitor or a Member we may apply a cookie to memorize your settings and to provide you with customizable and personalized services. These cookies typically allow third parties to have no access to any of your customer information. Moreover, note that if you go to other Web pages that ask you to log in or that are customizable, you might have to accept cookies.

Advertisers and partners may also place their own cookies. We have no control over cookies use and we are not responsible for any information collected by them.

Our Company Commitment to Children Privacy. Privacy of a child is a serious matter for us. We are dedicated to observing the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 and all other similar legislation. So, our web site is restricted to those eighteen years and up.


Public Forums: Please note that any information you would share in any Member Directory, or other public areas of our Web sites or the internet, becomes a public information shortly thereafter. Be careful whenever you choose to share your personal information in public places like these.

Our Company’s Commitment to Data Security: Services and Web sites we are involved in provide security measures to prevent the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information under our management. We do our best to guarantee the integrity and security of our network and systems, but we do not guarantee that the security measures we put in place will protect our information from being illegally acquired by third-party hackers.

Where to Direct Questions About Our Privacy Policy: If you have any queries concerning our Privacy Policy or the practices described herein, you can contact us by using the contact information available on this site.

Revisions to This Policy: This policy, the Terms Of Service agreement and other policies/agreements can be revised, amended, modified by our company at any time and in any manner at any time by posting the update. Your continued use of this site following such changes will serve as your acknowledgment and agreement to such changes. It is advised to review this privacy statement before every use for any updates.

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